Not all hydraulic pumpjacks are the same…

November 12, 2020
| EcoNews

At Ecoquip we strive to be your choice for hydraulic pumping units. 

Locally owned, operated, and engineered we are your best choice for efficiency, experience, and reliability.

Our team of engineers, technologists and field specialists bring 20 years of expertise in design, innovation, safety, service and project management. All these qualities have allowed us to create a hydraulic pumping unit that is more efficient, quickly rigged up, minimal downtime, and long life with limited maintenance costs.

Quickly installed:

Ecoquip units can be in installed in about 2 hours with no site prep and have your well on production quickly.

Designed for zero leaks:

All the hydraulic seals are designed with redundancy to prevent any oil spills. Any hydraulic oil passing the pressure seals like be contained in the unit and discovered during our routine maintenance program. Hoses and fitting are designed far above working pressure to avoid leaking and failure.

True Nitrogen Counter-Balance:

Our iconic sphere is an N2 accumulator we pre-charge with enough nitrogen to hold the static rod load before installation. This enclosed and sealed system keeps an effective counter-balance throughout your pumping life with few minor adjustments required. There is no need for numerous N2 bottles required at site and repeated charges to keep unit operating at peak performance.

Low cost maintenance:

We use high quality maintenance parts that give the unit the ability to last a lifetime. We will manage your 8-week maintenance program for you. Maintenance only requires about an hour helping you avoid costly downtime. 


The Ecoquip hydraulic pumping unit will last a lifetime. The lifting unit mounts directly to the tubing bonnet allow perfectly vertical. This ensures maximum Ecoquip seal life as well as preventing uneven stuffing box packing wear. With proper scheduled maintenance seal life is 3-5 years. Then we will perform an Ecoquip certified re-seal and have your well back on production.


We fully stand behind all our units whether rental or purchase. We are on call 24 – 7 to keep your units running to avoid or minimize costly downtime.

We look forward to showing you how we can help with your surface artificial lift. Call us today to see how we can maximize production.

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