Need to recover Frac load fluid for well evaluation?

January 18, 2020
| EcoNews

Is swabbing, jet pumping, or nitrogen blow down too costly?

If the well is not flowing upon completion, the most cost-effective way of recovering load fluid is to put the well on artificial lift immediately. If the ultimate goal for the well is to have reciprocating pump artificial lift, it can be done without delay. The Ecoquip 9000 pumpjack can be an efficient way to achieve this.

It may be faster to remove the Frac fluid by swabbing a well, nitrogen blow down, or jet pumping, but the most cost-effective way of removing the Frac fluid is to simply put it on reciprocating pump artificial lift system.

The cost of a service rig to swab and evaluate a well can be thousands a day, while jet pump and nitrogen blow also come at a heavy cost – The Ecoquip 9000 has a low monthly rental rate that can save you money and have the well producing to the testers for analysis.

Costly rig expenses can be avoided by simply running the pump and rods (that will be required anyway) and rigging up the Ecoquip 9000 hydraulic pumpjack. It’s small footprint and ease of rig up can have the well producing by the time that the completion service rig is rigged out and moved – no site prep required.

The Ecoquip 9000 has a push button control panel that can be used to easily change the stroke speed to ensure a full pump card. The test crew can quickly be trained to make adjustments to both the stroke length and speed. The independent stroke speed can also be changed to have the downstroke slower, and even sit on bottom if required to ensure maximum pump fillage. 

The easy low-cost rental affords the ability to accurately analyse the in-flow from the formation and then install the properly size mechanical pumpjack.  

Lower your production costs now and for the well life.

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