In Action!

January 18, 2020
| EcoNews

The Ecoquip 9000 Series Pump Jack pumping a well near Whitecourt in Alberta.

This mid-depth, horizontal well brought many challenges for other pumping equipment, but the Ecoquip unit operated it easily and continues today successfully. The smooth transitions and lack of pressure spikes can be seen by the slave cylinder hoses barely moving as they produce the energy for the up and down strokes.

 As volumes changed, the operator was able to change the speed and stroke length to optimize his production in a matter of minutes with the simple control panel interface. The unit operates with balanced strength so that fuel consumption is reduced, downhole equipment is not subject to any shocks or wear and the surface equipment requires minimum attention. 

There was no site prep required when we got there and when the unit is removed, it leaves no footprint or clean-up. A perfect balance of economics and performance.

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