Engineered for Longevity and Ease of Use

January 18, 2020
| EcoNews

20 Years of experience has allowed us to bring you the most efficient and reliable pumpjack to date

The Ecoquip 9000 hydraulic pumping unit has been engineered to provide simplicity at the wellhead. 

It has a small footprint. The power unit is only 5’ by 10’, it requires no lease prep, no piles or pads. Because the unit is skid mounted, it can be easily uncoupled from the lifting unit and moved out of the way if necessary, for facilities work, or for well servicing. 

The lifting unit is engineered to be secured to the tubing bonnet ensuring perfectly vertical lift and avoiding any uneven seal wear. Our experience and constant research in improving technology has allowed the seal life to last up to six years. 

The nitrogen sphere has been engineered to allow easy and smooth turnaround. The hydraulic pump works against the polish rod load on the way up, and against the nitrogen balance on the way down. This creates a small differential in hydraulic pump pressure ensuring little to no movement of the connecting hoses and prevents hose wear and failures. 

The instrumentation has been engineered to be all internal. There are no external sensors, or proximity switches that can fail due to weather or prolonged use and wear. The stroke length, load weight and velocity are all calculated by the movement of the master cylinder and pressure of the nitrogen and hydraulic fluid contained in the nitrogen sphere.

Everything comes together in the easy to use control panel. Stroke length, independent up and down stroke speed, and bottom delay, all can be set to provide maximum pump fillage. The bottom turnaround can be changed to tap the pump and then take the pump off tap. All these changes can be made in just a few moments at the push of a button making the Ecoquip 9000 hydraulic pumpjack extremely operator friendly. 

The bottom line is a highly portable, reliable, operator friendly pumpjack that is capable of 36,000lbs of polish rod load at 7+ strokes per minute.

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