Dewatering Gas Wells

November 12, 2020
| EcoNews

Low pressure, high volume gas wells may require some help to recover the Frac load fluid. 

If the formation does not have enough pressure to lift and recover the Frac load fluid, installing a reciprocating rod pump may be your cost-effective solution to increased gas production.

The Ecoquip 9000 series pumpjack can be a part of your cost-efficient solution.

Recovering Frac load fluid with reciprocating rod pump and the Ecoquip pumpjack can be considerably more cost-effective compared to long term swabbing and other means of fluid recovery.

Our low monthly rental cost can easily fit into the completions AFE.

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The power unit for the Ecoquip 9000 has a very small footprint. The skid measures 5’ x 10’ x 7’h and doesn’t require piles or pads for installation. All that is required to rig up the power unit is a picker truck and a few planks. 

The lifting unit is bolted directly to the tubing bonnet, ensuring a perfectly vertical lift. This guarantees that the there is only vertical pressure on the seals, preventing seal wear. The whole unit can be rigged up in approximately 2-3 hours. 

The Ecoquip 9000 can provide 36,000lbs of lift, has a maximum stroke length of 156” and is capable of 7 strokes per minute (spm). The stroke speed is variable from 7 spm to 1 spm. The programming allows the upstroke and downstroke to be independent and delays can also be added to ensure maximum pump fillage. All these changes can easily be made in a few minutes with our user-friendly control panel.

We are pleased to offer remote monitoring. 

Remotely monitor, trend, and make operational changes. Maximize well production with just a click of a button.

Let us help De-Water your gas wells. 

Cost-effectively with the Ecoquip 9000 Hydraulic pumpjack!

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